5 Different Types of Copy Papers You Can Buy At CK Papers at Wholesale Rates

Schools, offices and many other organizations need papers for many different reasons. It is an essential part of our everyday stationery needs that just cannot be overlooked. One can definitely limit their use of paper but it will still be needed for various purposes. But what many people don’t know is that there are different types of copy papers that are sold by Wholesale Copy Paper Distributors. If you are looking for more information on the same, you have come to the right place.

Navigator Copy Paper

This type of copy paper doesn’t get jam in the photocopy machine, there’s no double feed and also stays flat after copying. Its naturally white color stays the same and doesn’t leave dust in the copy machine. You can buy navigator copy paper in different sizes varying from international standards to 8.5 x 14-inch (216 x 330mm) from Premium Copy Paper Wholesale supplier.


Chamex Copy Paper

Ideal for all everyday activities, Chamex is highly preferred paper for home, work, and school requirements. Apart from white, it is available in 4 different colors making it ideal for artistic activities. It also works best in high-speed equipment and printers and has a high-quality presentation. 90g/m² weight results in a more full-bodied paper ensuring superior result. Its two-sided usage gives the paper sheet high opacity. Chamex comes in moist protected wrapper to ensure double safety of the paper.


Copimax Copy Paper

Copimax is ideal for use in a photocopier, laser printer, fax machine, ink-jet, copier, 2 side copying, etc. When you use this particular paper in the printer, there’s no see-through print on both side that makes it perfect for use. It is made from imported 100% Natural Wood Pulp, so the quality of paper is ensured and uniform. You can contact A4 Paper Suppliers in Thailand to get copimax in a number of sizes and gramage.


Paperline Copy Paper

Apt for students with dyslexia, paperline’s soft creamy shade reduces glare and aids concentration. Dyslexic students can navigate and comprehend text and image documents easily. Such paper offers 95% opacity and the quality is very high. It is one of the first choices of professionals to promote learning with dyslexic students. As it is an all purpose premium paper, it can be put to many other uses as well.


PaperOne Copy Paper

Made from 100% renewable fiber and designed to meet the most demanding printing as well as copying tasks, PaperOne is a smooth treated paper that ensures ink stays on the paper surface. You can Buy Double A4 Copy Paper from a reputed supplier to ensure that you are getting the best product.


The variety of copy paper is not just limited to the above mentioned types. You can also buy Rotatrim Copy paper and Typek Copy Paper from reputed paper suppliers like CK Papers at wholesale rates.



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