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We exports and copy paper wholesale distributors. Our paper company has become a well recognized paper suppliers of A4 copier paper, A3 copier paper and color papers of A4 and A3 sizes.

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Smoothness is a measure of the flatness of a paper’s surface and affects how it moves through a printer or copy machine. A smoother surface also has a high-quality feel, is pleasing to the eye, and is particularly well suited to high-speed machines.
Our precision rotary paper cutting machines significantly reduce paper jams in copiers, a quality proven in a tough ‘No Jam’ Runnability test performed under independent laboratory conditions in which 60 pages per minute were copied for 24 continuous hours.
The sharp blades on our advanced sheet cutting machines result in a lower dust content when printing or copying, prolonging the life of office equipment.
Opacity is the measure of how much light is prevented from passing through a sheet. High opacity is usually associated with high filler content and results in a high ash reading under test conditions. Our paper’s opacity comes from the unique features of its pulp, giving it high opacity with low ash content.

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